Economic Growth

Stephensville Community Garden

Planting seeds for economic growth

Stephensville Community Garden

ATHC is planning to construct and maintain a community garden in the Stephensville Park development. Community gardens fit into our overall plan of increasing the well-being of neighborhoods.

Stephensville Community Garden Goals:

  • Use urban agriculture as a tool to teach youth skills in planning, food production, and business.
  • Create economic opportunities by training volunteers and selling food at farmers’ markets.
  • Improve the mental health of the neighborhood and promote relaxation.
  • Provide access to fresh food with fewer “food miles” traveled for residents.

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How can you help?


Direct contributions will go towards the construction of the community garden.


We need volunteers to help both maintain the garden and teach others gardening skills.


Corporate partners can help in a variety of ways. Please reach out so we can discuss the best for you.

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